In a building period of 17 weeks managed to deliver a 600 POB accommodation barge. Accommodation barge is now under way to Caspian Sea where she will arrive end of November. Untill delivery to Wagenborg Operations Kazachstan ReVeLie is managing the transit.

The “Vivaldi” is the most recent LQB built in The Netherlands on behalve of Wagenborg Offshore. ReVeLie has been contracted as project manager to built and deliver all the Wagenborg accommodation barges now operating in the Caspian Sea.

Seventh Accommodation Barge

RTV Noord

Link to interview Gert Vanderheyden concerning Rossini

Rossini - Caspian Sea

Rossini - Caspian Sea


 Rossini delivered D-Island – December 2010

 Flying the Wagenborg flag and

  the flag of the Republic of Kazachstan

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